The 2015 SEC season has already started to confuse people after the ballots came back with three different champions picked by the media in Hoover. With the widespread talent in the conference, this comes as no surprise to people.

SEC WEST (First-place votes): Alabama 1405 (92), Auburn 1362 (108), LSU 870 (10), Arkansas 821 (6), Ole Miss 732 (3), Texas A&M 628 (4), Mississippi State 482 (2)

Here’s the first step of confusion. Alabama has less first-place votes than Auburn but is still picked to win the Western division. However, that’s not too strange. We’ve seen that before because of how the point systems work. Let’s move on.

SEC EAST (First-place votes): Georgia 1498 (166), Tennessee 1231 (36), Missouri 1196 (20), South Carolina 830 (1), Florida 768 (1), Kentucky 534 (1), Vanderbilt 243 (0)

Nothing too ridiculous here. Georgia is the clear-cut favorite to win the division but Missouri and Tennessee seemed to have racked up most, if not all, of the second and third place votes. The SEC is so open that even Kentucky got a first-place vote in the division. And then there’s Vanderbilt. Poor Vanderbilt.

SEC CHAMPION: Auburn 96, Alabama 80, Georgia 28, LSU 9, Ole Miss 3, Arkansas 3, Texas A&M 2, Tennessee 2, Mississippi State 1, Florida 1

Right, that makes sense, SEC Media. We have Auburn, who is not picked to win their division, picked as the champion in Atlanta come December. Not only that, but the team with the most first-place division votes by far finished third. Only 28 of the 166 people that picked the Bulldogs to win the East, picked them to finally break through and win and SEC Championship. That’s only 17 percent if you were wondering. And that’s still not the end of it. Even Florida got an SEC Championship vote. FLORIDA! This really shows what may be in store for the conference this season and how no one really knows what will happen.

Here’s the explanation: