Adding a blues grit to a modern indie rock sound, The Black Cadillacs are adding something new to the blues rock genre. In a musical style filled with two piece rock bands laying down fuzzed out blues riffs to a strong back beat, the dynamics of The Black Cadillacs is a breath of fresh air.

The Black Cadillacs are headlining Bottletree Thursday night, Feb. 12th. They are playing with Sol Cat and Mandi Rae.

Drifting further and further away from their bluesy roots with each release, the band is fleshing out their sound with more complex compositions. The Black Cadillacs are about to release a self-titled EP that is unlike almost anything they’ve done before.

“It’s funny. When we first started, we were heavily influenced by all the classics, and I guess we still are. But, as we’ve progressed as a band, we’ve progressed as well in the type of music that we listen to and what we’re influenced by,” said Matt Hyrka, guitarist for the band.

The band said that they feel like this upcoming release is better than anything they’ve ever put out before, moving away from a country sound and more into a garage rock influenced feel.

The band is known for their energetic live performances. They’ve played in intimate club settings and raucous festivals like Bonnaroo and Hangout Fest. The Black Cadillacs have also brought their live show to many countries in Europe.

“That’s one of those thing you say like ‘If I get to do that in my band then we’ve made it,’” said guitarist John Phillips. “But your definition of ‘making it’ changes as you keep going.”

The Black Cadillacs, hailing from Knoxville, Miss., take a no frills approach to rock and blues, especially in their live performance.

“[Being from the South] Manifests itself more in just like an honesty in how we approach stuff,” said Phillips. “We’re like down to earth people, and I feel like that shows up a lot in our music.”

The show at Bottletree starts at 9PM and the cover is $10.