90.7 Staff Playoff Predictions


While some teams may rank high in the AP Poll, the only stat that now matters is the College Playoff Poll. After careful consideration, the committe made their desiscion tonight as they carefully reviewed every team and made their selctions accordingly. With that being said, here are the top four teams according to ESPN’s College Playoff Show.

1. Mississippi St.

2. Florida St.

3. Auburn

4. Ole Miss

While that’s fine and dandy, fans know for a fact that these four teams will not be sitting in this glory come the final weeks of the season. In fact the number three and four team meet off in Oxford this week, so one will for sure be gone. Make no mistake, the season still has a lot of time to play out, but here at 90.7 we like to throw our two sense into the pile. So, without further adu, here are the 90.7 staff’s picks for the innagural college football playoff. Just as in the Heisman article, at the end there will be a consensous pick as well.



1) Mississippi State-Undefeated. Dominant. Heisman candidate at quarterback. All they’ve ever done is prove that they’re deserving of being the number one team in every way.
2) Florida State-Only reason they’re number 2 is their record. Yea they’re undefeated with 1 or 2 impressive wins, but as a whole I’m just not impressed. But, until they lose, they’ll hold firm here.
3) Alabama-Finally proved they can win on the road and now they just need to win against LSU and they’ll be at home to finish the season. Totally capable of winning out
4) Oregon-They have to win out or Michigan State will take this spot. Very strong team whose defense has really stepped it up a notch and impressed me. Gotta keep it up.



1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Michigan State
4. Mississippi State

Alabama is playing better football than anyone else in the country right now. The schedule sets up well for Alabama with only a few weeks left in the regular season. I see them winning out, including a victory over Georgia in the SEC Championship game. Oregon is also playing well right now and I think Marcus Mariota leads them into a rematch against Michigan State from earlier this season. Alabama will get a rematch with Mississippi State after beating them in Tuscaloosa. State will win the Egg bowl but be left out of the SEC Championship game. FSU will not be able to remain undefeated. They could slip up this Thursday night against Louisville or in their two rivalry games between Miami and Florida. A one loss ACC team will be left out while the SEC West Division gets two teams into the playoff.



1. Miss State – I have them running the table in the SEC. Sorry, Alabama and Georgia, but there is too much to like about how this Mississippi State team has been playing.

2. Florida State – The Seminoles and Jameis Winstone haven’t played their best football yet this season. It’s still good enough to win the ACC. A focused FSU/Winston is still the best team in the country.

3. Oregon – I think this is the year that Oregon finally gets past Stanford and becomes who we thought they were all along. Having the best quarterback in the country in Mariota doesn’t hurt their chances.

4. TCU – As of right now, TCU has a better resume than likely B1G representative Michigan State and with a win over Kansas State is well on their way to winning the Big 12. As much as I think a one-loss Ohio State or Nebraska can make things interesting, TCU is my choice right now.



1. Alabama- Last time Alabama had a brand new starting quarterback, the same thing happened as it is now. Alabama took an mid-season loss to a very good team, stepped up and came back to find a way into the National Championship. That’s exactly what will happen this season if Blake Sims can continue to succeed. Alabama has one more road game; a tough one against LSU, but then they are home for the remainder of the year. Alabama is a completly different team at Bryant-Denny then on the road. Alabama should be able to stop Dak Prescott and the Bulldogs and trample Auburn to make it in the playoff.

2. Michigan St- I am sold on at least one B1G team making it into the college football playoff. Connor Cook has proven this year he can lead a team to a greater glory, and with running back Jeremy Langford and that stellar defense, they should make it to at least New Orleans. They also have the easiest schedule left against decently ranked teams. I really think that Florida St will slip up on Thursday night against Louisville, knocking them out. Sorry Seminoles but Sparty will be dancing with winning out.

3. Mississippi St- The Bulldogs really are running the table this season and Dan Mullen is truly one of the top coaches in college football right now. Dak Prescott should have another two or three 200 yard passing, 100 yard rushing game and that should be noticed by the committee. While I do think they will lose a tight game to Alabama, they will crush Ole Miss in the Egg Bowl, leading the Bulldogs into the number three spot, back in the hunt for the championship

4. TCU- I’m sold. There is nothing more I can say about the Horned Frogs then that. They have come out of no where and played excellent college football, and some how they just keep finding ways to win. The next few weeks will be tough for the Frogs though. They must travel to Morgantown to face West Virginia before taking on the only other true chance to win the Big 12, the Kansas St. Wildcats. Personally, I think they will win out putting them in talks, and with key losses from Auburn, Florida St., Oregon(YES Oregon),  and Ole Miss, some how the Horned Frogs will make it into the Playoff hunt.



1. Mississippi St.

2. Alabama

3. Oregon

4. Florida St.


Cole Thompson is the Alabama Beat Writer of WVUA-FM. Follow him on twitter at @ColeThompson32