TRSH emerged in 2021, channeling the sounds of the Emo Revival, or Midwest Emo, with twinkly guitar riffs and emotional vocals. On April 2 of 2024, TRSH released a new single, “Astronauts Get All the Girls,” moving away from the whinier vocals of their album Soporofic in favor of a more scream-forward emo sound, one that I personally am not the biggest fan of.

The guitar and percussion in this new single are strong. TRSH’s guitar is moving and energetic, high pitch and high energy. The vocals in this song are good, talking about rejection and loving someone who won’t love you back. This should be a perfect Midwest emo track. Unfortunately, the band seems to have moved in a more Screamo direction. I don’t love Screamo, I can appreciate classics like Midwest Pen Pals and Merchant Ships that have that general vibe, but compared to Soporofic, the vocals of this track just leave me wishing they kept the old vocal style as before.

I want to clarify; lyrics are almost always the most important part of a song to me. A significant portion of why I don’t love this direction for TRSH is because I think their lyrics have been emotional and relatable in the past, and the screaming vocal style only seems to obscure the lyrical style in favor of a less authentic sound. I am all for a band making widespread changes and innovating on their sound, but this change is not one I personally love.

Photo Credits from: TRSH.Midwest