Remember back in the days when Nick Jonas would give himself a buzzcut? Fans knew whenever this happened, they were in store for some new solo music from the former teen heartthrob. As an avid Nick Jonas fan, I remember he successfully paved the way for himself as a solo album with his superb first album. After releasing three albums, Jonas just released his fourth one, Spaceman, which happens to have multiple songs that will surely get you grooving on your feet and falling in love with his smooth, falsetto pipes. His voice and his album will remind you why we all had a huge crush on back then. 

Inspired by David Bowie and “Rocketman” by Elton John, Spaceman is a multitude of songs that each tell it’s story, according to Jonas. Jonas said he wanted to take the experience of the chaotic year 2020 and speak his feelings poetically. Fans will hear sounds of pop and hints of R&B that come together to make a catchy beat that will definitely have you singing along to every song you hear. When I say that this album is worth the listen to, I really mean it. I could not stop dancing to all of the songs; Nick Jonas has managed to always excel with his music. 

“Don’t Give Up On Us” opens up this fantastic album with beats to keep you on your feet all day long. Jonas sings to his lover about not giving up on their relationship because they have something worth keeping. My favorite out of all of them would be “Delicious”. Jonas’ sultry voice and the tempo really keeps my head bopping at all times. He sings about wanting his lover and not caring if the other guys are watching their love succeed. “Spaceman” and, my other favorite, “This is Heaven” are the lead singles off this amazing album. In “Spaceman”, Jonas sings “Mask off minute I get home, all safe now that I’m alone”, alluding to current COVID-19 pandemic. These lyrics remain relatable because we have all felt this way for the past year.  His falsetto voice sings “You’re the center of my attention, yeah I know, nothing is perfect, but this is close So don’t go, keep it comin’ in my direction”. This line is my favorite because he is talking about how anywhere with his wife, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, is heaven. The overall tone of this song will make you want to fall in love and live that romantic life.

I extremely recommend listening to this album. It is by far one of the best of 2021 because of the production and sounds of the songs. If you are into this type of music or are a fan of Nick Jonas/the Jonas Brothers, then you will definitely fall in love with this masterpiece. 

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Morinsola Kukoyi