The talented and gorgeous Kacey Musgraves has done it again, and by that, I mean she released her newest album Star Crossed. The country artist has been in the music industry for a long time, but didn’t start becoming popular till she won Grammy awards for her album Golden Hour.  Musgraves latest album is sure to leave you wanting more of the storyline. Her musical masterpiece is based on her divorce that she recently went through with her ex-husband. There are songs that will make you happy and ones that will make you sad. Overall, Star Crossed is just as good as Golden Hour

My favorite song of all time on this album would have to be “Breadwinner”. The opening beats have the alluring power to automatically draw you in. I can promise you that this song will have you singing the lyrics around the house. There is not a moment when the song is constantly playing in my mind. With lyrics like “He wants a breadwinner, he wants your dinner” will be slipping off the tip of your tongue. The message behind the song is a piece of advice towards women entering relationships. Musgraves warns women to be careful of men who only want them for their money. Hence the previously mentioned lyrics, the song is not only catchy, but also gives some valuable lessons.

Another song that remains special on the album is “Simple Times”.  This song has the capability to have you in an emotional state. The emotionally appealing lyrics “Cause being grown up kinda sucks and I’m really just missing those simple times ah-ha” can connect with anyone. Throughout the entire song, Musgraves sings about missing the nostalgia of growing up in the simple times. We’ve all been at the stage of our life and wishing we had never grown up. Many of us have had conversations with our friends, while calling the nostalgia of growing up. I know that I personally relate to this song. There are multiple times where I long to go back to watching episodes of my favorite Disney Channel shows or even just listening to certain songs for the first time.  Musgraves knows exactly how a bunch of us are feeling, especially in this new decade. 

Star Crossed by Kacey Musgraves is an excellent musical masterpiece that I highly recommend for anyone looking for new music. Through her unique storytelling, Musgraves is able to tell a story about a heartbroken woman. Her personal use of her divorce has brought each song to life. Kacey Musgraves is an artist that you should keep on your radar. You never know, you might become a Space Cowboy if you listen to her. 

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