During the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020, musician Ron Gallo took the time in his home studio to create his masterpiece Peacemeal which was released this year. According to Gallo, he got kind of excited and started putting his inspirations and ideas to work. Peacemeal is a collection of pop songs that tie together to create a pop machine of soundful noise. Familiar genres of electronic music, R&B, and hip-hop find its way into Gallo’s album. Peacemeal is an album filled with unique quirks. Although it may not be your typical pop album, it is definitely worth a try to branch out of your comfort zone. Gallo’s quirky artwork comes off as very relatable to the majority of millennials out there. In his song “Please Don’t Die”, Gallo focuses on the idea of begging his lover to never leave him. Any person who has fallen in love with someone would understand the heartbreaking plea for their love of their life to never leave them, no matter what happens. With lyrics like “Best case we both die at an old age, in the same place at the same time” radiates the longing of the lovey dovey feeling Gallo sings about. One of the most creative songs off of Peacemeal would have to be “Hide (Myself Behind You)”. Through his funky, somewhat Calvin Harris vibes, Gallo delivers a strange, but common  plea of hiding who he is from people. Maybe more specifically, he is trying to hide himself from his lover. He uses the melodies of a synthesizer, guitars, and some drums to create this psychedelic, yet catchy tune. Peacemeal is like the unread book on your dusty shelf, waiting  to be picked up. Once you pick it up, you can never put it down because it is a creative masterpiece that will always take you on an adventure.

Picture Credit comes from: http://rongallomusic.com/

Morinsola Kukoyi