PoliticFact.com has issued a statement warning citizens against fake news on Facebook posts, these posts claim there is a number that allows Americans to track their COVID-19 stimulus checks. The posts which wrongly claim to give access to stimulus check information were flagged by Facebook as false news and misinformation, and PolitiFact links to several of the misleading posts on their article. We will link examples below.

PolitiFact also stated that “This is a trick. The Internal Revenue Service says it has a tool coming to its website to help people check the status of their checks. But it has not issued a phone number associated with the payments and certainly not these 800 numbers: the ones in the post connect callers with a phone sex line.” The IRS also released a statement on April 11th saying the first wave of checks have been released.

To view the original article on Politifact, click here. Below are examples of the previously discussed false posts.


Track your stimulus check at 1-800-746-6373Mine says around May 1st for $3400.00

Posted by Donald Decker on Thursday, April 2, 2020