Overall “Changes” by Justin Beiber was not the album fans were expecting after 5 long years of waiting. 

The album isn’t a “brand new Justin” and he even goes over that in the song “Changes” he’s still the same Justin he’s just gone through changes, and what do fans expect after a marriage and a 5-year break from making music at all. 

The album is pretty hit or miss and didn’t make a large appeal to the general audience of pop music or even his fans. My favorite song was Changes because of its emotional appeal and relatability. It sounded like his older songs off of the purpose album and gave similar sounds fans have always known. Available was also another good song off of this album, it’s a good mix of his new and old sound. It’s got a good beat and is catchy. 

Other songs on the album are a complete miss and the writers clearly didn’t try to make them emotional or even sound like Justin’s songs, or more so had them on the album so other artists could be featured and a larger profit and audience could be reached. “Yummy” is by far the worst song on the album and did not do the album any justice by it being the debut single for the  “Changes” album. It still confuses me how 5 writers and producers say in a room and managed to come out with “Yummy.” It’s, unfortunately, a catchy and has gotten stuck in my head when I didn’t want it there. “Running over” has a decent beat but it’s definitely a song on the album I tuned out when listening to it.

Overall “Changes” is merely a mediocre album. For me, it’s pretty low on my rankings for all of Justin Bieber’s discography. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait 5 years for the next album and it will give us some more bops or emotional songs fans can truly connect to.