Little Big Town’s new album “Nightfall” is 13 songs and runs 46 minutes long. “Nightfall” is the four-person group’s ninth studio album. However, this is the first album that Little Big Town has produced themselves. 

“Nightfall” has a more mature, haunting yet comforting sound associated with previous hit songs the band has published. Not all 13 songs on the album are focused on heartbreak, growing pains and coping mechanisms; yet, there are more songs focused on these themes than there are not. Of course, the album has the token drinking song — a country cliche, an ode to alcohol — that most Little Big Town albums have. 

Delicate guitar melodies are featured throughout the album. On top of this, all four members’ voices are given prominent roles as lead in a song or two. The blend of voices allow for rich four-part harmonies, for which Little Big Town is perhaps best known. There still remain high-energy songs — “Wine, Beer, Whiskey” for example — reminiscent of previous hit songs from Little Big Town: “Day Drinking,” “Tornado” or “Pontoon”. 

Overall, “Nightfall” is the quintessential country album. If a listener wants a song about heartbreak? They have it. If a reader wants a song about an unhappy romantic relationship? It’s there. If a listener wants a song about coping with heartbreak and/or moving on from a relationship? Done. 

This is made all the more powerful by the smooth, rich voices of Little Big Town. The warmth of their voices allows listeners to feel comforted and understood when they sing about these common issues: heartbreak, crutches and more. 

Furthermore, Little Big Town features two male voices and two female voices. This allows both male and female listeners to directly relate to the member singing the song. It also allows for conversations to be held throughout their songs between a male and a female. 

Part of the reason why Little Big Town has experienced such success, and why “Nightfall” is so powerful, is their ability to tell a story through their music. Each song on “Nightfall” tells a story, and the album in general is tied into the larger story idea so frequently featured in country music: the hardships of relationships and how to move through or past this. 

“Nightfall” is a potent listen. It showcases the musicality of Little Big Town at the same time it displays the typically considered “values” of country music. However, “Nightfall” manages to display these ideas and values while avoiding coming off as disingenuous or clichéd. 

It makes for a great country listen to vibe to. It also is clear that Little Big Town KNOWS the struggles that can come attached to relationships. 

Rating: 8.2/10

Rad Tracks: “Nightfall,” “Over Drinking,” “Wine, Beer, Whiskey,” “The Daughters” and “Sugar Coat”

“Nightfall” is available across all major streaming platforms!