If you’re a broke college kid like me you know the feeling of seeing all these movie trailers, but having zero dollars to go and actually see the movie. Well I’ve decided to make light out of the situation and instead of giving a movie review full of spoilers and pretensions critiques I have decided to pick out a few of my favorite movie trailers from 2018 and share my reaction to them.

Up first Adrift. I predict this romance film starring Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin, will most definitely be this year’s number one romance film. It is based on two lovers true story getting lost at sea. The trailer had the perfect amount of cheesiness and drama to make me feel the way I did watching the Notebook for the first time, so that should say something. The casting director did well choosing the star of the biggest romance movie of 2016, Me before You to be play the male lead and Shailene Woodley the star of the biggest romance drama of my high school career, The Fault in Our Stars. Take a look at the trailer now and and tell me you don’t get Titanic vibes. That’s right Titanic, the biggest romance movie of all time. Adrift does not look like it will necessarily compare to Titanic, but it does look like that perfect date night or girls night out kind of movie. Catch it in theaters June 1.

Next up is Sorry to Bother You. I first saw this trailer scrolling through twitter. Retweets of the trailer took up my entire twitter feed, and after watching it I can tell why. I have never seen anything like this. I laughed out loud multiple times just watching the trailer, I can’t imagine how funny the actual movie will be. Watching the trailer I picked up on a little Bonnie and Clyde dynamic going on between the lead actor, Lakeith Stanfield and Tessa Thompson. With that being said, along with Stanfield having a busted head for most of the trailer action is definitely expected in this film. The director Boots Riley has to be one of the coolest guys on the planet. He’s had a whole career rapping and his retro hip hop style can bee seen through out the film. Also I mustn’t forget that this film has Terry Cruz in it and who doesn’t love Terry Cruz! Coming out June 6, this may end up being the best comedy of the summer.

Finally I have to end it with Ready Player OneThis trailer was beautifully done. I felt amazed watching it the entire time. Three things popped in my head when watching: Spy Kids 3, Tron Legacy, and Black Mirror– all of which made a lot of money so I expect the same for this film. Steven Spielberg is the director of this lighthearted fantasy film. In my opinion he has always done a wonderful job when it comes to more kid-friendly movies. For example, Hook, The Adventures of Tin Tin, Jurassic Park, and of course E.T. This movie seems like it will definitely fall with those greats. This magical film is set to come out March 29.