Here are a few festive songs suggested by some members of our writing staff! Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Christmas in L.A.

Vulfpeck’s’ Christmas In L.A. because it’s the funkiest Christmas song I’ve ever heard. – Asa Belue

Sleigh Ride

Mine is Sleigh Ride, specifically the Ella Fitzgerald version. I found this song years ago because it was featured in the movie, Elf. It has remained a staple in my holiday song collection because of Ella Fitzgerald’s incomparable voice, its unique jazzy arrangement, and because it makes me think of a bustling city during Christmastime. This song is a fantastic lead into her entire Christmas album, which is a must-listen for any jazz or music fan in general! – Anna Rahkonen

 Baby it’s Cold Outside
I’m gonna go with the Zooey Deschanel version of Baby it’s Cold Outside! There are so many upsides to this song — Zooey’s voice and music is always fun and has a holiday feel to it (like her work as She and Him). This song will also get you ready to watch Zooey in the iconic Christmas movie Elf. It’s the perfect song for the season! – Seth Stevens

First Noel

In the words of Donald Draper from Mad Men “He make’s every song sound like Christmas.” Draper was referring to Frank Sinatra, and in a way he had a point. Sinatra’s First Noel  is both wholesome and mature, classic and angelic. It brings back the memory of the Christmas lights my mom used to put up that hummed First Noel. -Tina Turner