Bailey Coats, a 19-year-old rising superstar trying to become a role model to girls of all ages through her music. Her music video from her new song, “American Girl”, sends the message to young girls across the U.S. that you are always good enough. Bailey Coat’s song and music video can make people realize there is not just one definition of an American girl.

The music video opens with a diverse group of girls performing their individual talents. There was one specific shot that I really stuck out to me. It was a close upshot of a girl smiling with her braces. It’s not uncommon for this society to think you are not good enough if you are overweight, have braces, or  many other physical aspects people categorize as “flaws.” This music video not only gives confidence to this category of girls, but accepts it.

A wide variety of personalities were shown and expressed from the girls in Bailey Coat’s music video to make sure that any girl watching could relate to them in some way. Eachgirl was confident and brave in their own skin. Whether it was riding a dirt bike or just dancing in the street, each girl was seen as beautiful and strong. Having all the different girls holding signs of positive descriptions of who they were and concluding it with Bailey holding a sign saying, “American Girl,” sends a clear message that the words “American Girl” can mean so mean so much more than we might perceive it to mean.

This music video is definitely taking the right step forward in abolishing female insecurities. I hope to see Bailey Coats continue to send this message throughout her career and inspire young girls everywhere.

Last week, 90.7 the Capstone was invited to see UA’s very own Bailey Coats perform for the Red Cross Hurricane Relief Concert at Rounder’s. Not only did she put on a fantastic show, sing “Sweet Home Alabama,” and allowed us to come on stage; but she also released her music video for her hit single “American Girl.” Bailey and her team invited us on the tour bus after the show to talk before she had to leave. We want to send a huge thank you to Bailey and her team once again for the fantastic opportunity.