Every week each staff member at 90.7 chooses a song to share. With a variety of music tastes between us, you’re bound to find something you’ll like. For the links to work, you will need to install the Spotify program.

Andrew Brown – Station Manager

Just because it’s groovy.

Jennifer Hester – Program Director
I love this song because it makes me nostalgic. I was a Barbie lover growing up, and loved the music video.

Bronwyn Adams-Cohen – Music Director
I chose this is because The Floozies music never fails to make me smile and dance. It is impossible to listen to them and not feel even a tinge of happiness. I love this song in particular because they sample Space Jam, a classic song and movie. I’ve been listening to a lot from the Floozies lately because I am getting hyped up to see them in Suwannee next week at Hullaween.

Jackson Downing – Digital Media Director

This song epitomizes the chill spirit of Of Montreal. It’s wonderful except for when Outback Steakhouse uses it for a commercial.

Luke DiVasta – Sports Director
We have the same name and I just really like the sound of it. I’ve been listening to him a lot lately. Did I mention we have the same name?

Terry Siggers – General Manager
For the uninitiated, Generation X was the punk (ok, mostly pop punk) band fronted by Billy Idol before his breakout, full on pop rock 80s solo career. The band also boasted the likes of Terry Chimes of The Clash, Steven Jones of The Sex Pistols, Tony James of Sister of Mercy and John McGeoch of Public Image Ltd and Siouxsie and the Banshes fame. “Kiss Me Deadly” is more 80s power ballad than punk rock, with its soaring guitar melodies. This tale of growing up in west London is definitely one of Idol and James’ better lyrical showings during the band’s short existence.

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