(photo credit: NY Daily News)

(photo credit: NY Daily News)

So many storylines surround this year’s Super Bowl, as they always do. The Seahawks against the Broncos. The bold, brash Richard Sherman against the seasoned veteran Peyton Manning. The top-ranked defense against the top-ranked offense in NFL history. Both teams against the forces of nature in outdoor MetLife Stadium. It seems like there’s a new storyline out every day about the “Big Game.”

So in order to come at the game from a different angle, I consulted our experts here at the 90.7 Sports Staff to see what they thought about the game. I am proud to bring you expert analysis you can’t find anywhere else!

“As a 49ers fan at Alabama, there is no way I’ll be lucky enough to have both Auburn and Seattle lose in the title game in the same year. But also because Seattle has more depth and more talent and is better suited for the cold. Only advantages Denver has is at receiver, offensive line and obviously quarterback. So I believe Seattle will win a close one. 27-24 Seattle.”

-Billy Whyte


“Since the Jets aren’t in contention, I guess I’m gonna believe in the SEC. Broncos (Peyton) can’t be stopped. 27-17 Denver.”

-Andy Bass



Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (photo credit: Fair.org)


“Sherman shuts down Demaryius and picks off Peyton, but Decker, Welker and Thomas run rampant. Broncos 19-12.”

-Andrew Wallace


“Best defense in the league versus the best offense in the league. But defense wins football games, I take Seahawks over Broncos, 31-28.”

-Sabrina Wood


“Denver, because they have too many weapons on offense for Seattle to cover even with top secondary in the league. The question for Seattle is can their linebackers cover the middle of the field? For Denver, can they stop the Seattle pass rush? I’ve got Broncos 24-10.”

-Brett Grabert


“As a Cardinals fan, do I want to see my nemesis pummeled, or do I want to say my team beat the Super Bowl champs? This is the year of the Peyton, so pummeled it is. Denver over Seahawks 28-24.”

-Seth Juneac


(photo credit: NYDailyNews.com)

(photo credit: NYDailyNews.com)


“I think this game could turn into a shootout that forces the quarterbacks to make plays down the stretch. I believe Seattle has the better defense and that will be the difference in the end. I’d expect Manning to have better numbers but Wilson to create some plays with his feet and use Seattle’s run game to squeeze by Denver in the last five minutes. Seahawks 42-38.”

-Kendall Grayson


“The Seattle D is going to pick off at least two of Peyton Manning’s wounded ducks, and Russell Wilson will make one spectacular play in the 4th quarter to win the low scoring battle. Seahawks 17-13.”

-Erik Evenson


“With this being the first outdoor Super Bowl in a cold weather city, this game is going to be ugly. The forecast is for wintry mix, which is never a good thing for offenses that love to throw the ball. (The Denver Broncos). Therefore, Seattle’s better defense and running game will come through in one of the worst Super Bowl placements ever. Seahawks 20-14.”

-Will Kanter


“Peyton Manning will succeed in having the best season in NFL history with the Denver Broncos ending up as Super Bowl champions. Broncos 27-21.”

-Je’Vonda Wright


“I think the Broncos can contain Marshawn Lynch enough, as the Broncos outlast the Seahawks 31-28.”

-Xavier Brasfield


“Peyton has to stop choking some time. The weapons for Denver will be too much even for the Legion of Boom. Broncos 27-23”

-Chris Richmond


Total count:

Broncos – 7

Seahawks – 5

(photo credit: John Leyba/Getty Images)

(photo credit: John Leyba/Getty Images)