Author: Katie Howard

Buku Review: Tyler the Creator

Review written by Paley Martin Tyler started gaining popularity in 2011 with his self-directed “Yonkers” music video – you know, the one where he eats a roach and then hangs himself at the end. This dude is not your typical hip hopper and will probably eat you too if you try to squeeze him into any genre whatsoever. He and his 12+ piece OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) camp, all Los Angeles natives, have essentially taken the global, modern day youth by storm with not only their music, but their comedy central TV show Loiter squad,...

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Album Cover of the Week: Sam Roberts Band

“Here we have a radical album cover by the Sam Roberts Band, seriously something I could stare at for awhile to try and figure it out. If I’m not mistaken, Lo-Fantasy includes a giant triangle ascending from the multicolored mountains to go play with that adorable dog. You can tell because the silhouettes of the two kids look mega confused. What is not confusing is how awesome their song, ‘We’re All In This Together.’ This is another thing I could stare…I mean listen to for awhile.” Review by Music Director, Matt...

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