00’s Revival

Connor Hughes and Chris Richmond cover the best alternative music from 2000-2009, featuring a different artist every Sunday from 4-6 pm.

The Back Porch

The Back Porch is a show focusing on folk music old and new, taking time to revisit greats like Bob Dylan, show off the latest from newer names like Punch Brothers, and take a look at the growing influence folk is having in our pop culture today. Why does everyone want to hear stuff with banjos and mandolins these days? Why is Mumford so huge? Why did Simon and Garfunkel wear sweaters so much? Find out as you listen to this unique musical poetry on The Back Porch. Tune in from 10-11 pm on Sundays.

Barefoot Blues

Erin Hudnall and Alex Constantine host ‘Barefoot Blues’ every Wednesday from 8-10pm.  They play different styles of the blues, everything ranging from the raw styles of Robert Johnson to the more electric and hard sounds of Stevie Ray Vaughan.  They talk about everything from music composition to the different styles of blues to the various different artists and their influences on each other.

Boy Crazy Beats

Boys are weird … and so are girls. Join Katie Howard and Katherine Kosich for Boy-Crazy Beats on Tuesdays from 10 pm to midnight as they discuss their love-hate relationship with relationships. Crushes, the Friend Zone, MRS degrees, Breakups – the ladies of Boy-Crazy Beats will chat about it all and set it to a soundtrack.

Briche’s House

Briche’s House show focused on providing listeners with the best and newest house music from around the world. Hosted by Cameron Briche every Wednesday 10-11 pm.

Capstone News Now

Rich Robinson and his news staff work hard to bring you all the news that is news from across the nation from 4-5 pm Monday-Thursday.

Cosmic American Hour

Why bother with labels like country, rock, folk, and soul? According to the late Americana pioneer Gram Parsons, if it rocks, rolls, twangs, or grooves, it’s all Cosmic American Music. From 9-10 pm every Sunday, host Jordan Cissell whips up a wild, interesting mix of genre-blurring tunes released anywhere from 1951 to last week, along with a bevy of facts and anecdotes that help connect the songs to each other and to you.


Creative Campus Radio, fondly nicknamed, “Cradio,” is a show by Creative Campus interns. We discuss arts, culture, and life in Tuscaloosa and Alabama as a whole. Every Tuesday from 9-10 pm, we play a different themed playlist, which could be anything from water music to spoken word to unique beach music and everything in between.

Crimson 80’s

Crimson 80’s is a new show dedicated to bringing back the music of the 1980’s. If it happened between 1980 and 1989, they will play it. The show features not only some of the most popular hits of the decade, but also lesser known works of major artists. Crimson 80’s is on every Monday at 9 pm.

Crimson Storm

Every Wednesday at 11 pm Jason Kitt brings you all the best in R&B slow jams.

Druid City Rock Show

Druid City Rock Show has been a regular weekly program on WVUA-FM for a number of years. Each Friday from 9-11 pm, host Diamond Dave delivers the best possible mix of rock, blues, and soul music while discussing Rock and Roll history and its surrounding folklore.

Friday Night Blood Bath

The number one stop for all your metal needs. Albert Arenas Hosts Friday Night Blood Bath every Friday at Midnight.

Geek Life

Video games, comic books, and movies are just some of the many geeky topics that Geek Life covers every Thursday from 8-10 pm.

Going Pro

Going Pro is an all-NFL talk show with hosts Ivan White and Steven Smith every Sunday at midnight.

Groove Central

Groove Central is an electronic/jam band radio show hosted by Catrina Kattner every Wednesday evening from 6-8pm.

Honky Tonk Happy Hour

Honky Tonk Happy Hour is your weekly dose of classic country, country and western, and contemporary twang. Spindy Lou plays host every Monday from 7-8 pm, bringing classic cuts from the likes of Hank Williams and Waylon Jennings back to the airwaves alongside the artists defining country music today. Shows are often curated to showcase a particular country sub-genre, region, or tradition.

The Hub

The Hub: Festival Hodgepodge comes on every Sunday from 6-8pm. The Hub showcases bands that typically tour the festival scene.

The Mixtape

The Mixtape is a hip-hop and R&B variety show hosted by Amanda Gold and Corrinne Willis every Thursday from 10-12 pm. The show features artists like Slick Rick, John Legend, Outkast, Erykah Badu, and many other legends of the hip-hop and soul genres. The show also features new albums and mixtapes from local and underground rap musicians.

The Now

Maggie Jones and Maggie Brown discuss all things that are trending locally and globally every Sunday from 8-9 pm on The Now. The Now also features all of your favorite Billboard-charting songs.

Physical Graffiti

Physical Graffiti is a classic rock show hosted by Alex Taylor on Mondays from 6-7 pm.

Power Hour

An advice show that takes any problems that the listen might have. Amy-Caroline Downing and Jackson Downing take calls, tweets, and have in-studio guests every week to give their show a little variety. Airs every Monday from 8-9 pm.

Reel Tracks Radio

Reel Tracks Radio is a weekly hour-long radio program hosted by movie and music buffs, Brian Hoff and Jack Blakenship. Brian and Jack discuss movies based around a film’s soundtrack. The show typically features two movies a week with trivia, reviews of each movie, and a discussion of what’s currently going on in the movie industry. Reel Tracks airs 6-7 pm every Tuesday evening.

The Student Section

Aleks Biskis and his sports staff are here for all your sports news and commentary. The Student Section runs Monday-Thursday from 5-6pm and Fridays from 4-6pm. You can also catch the sports staff on Saturdays for their post game show, Crimson Tide Gameday.

Vintage American Hour

Vintage American Hour is a weekly hour-long music program that explores the sounds and styles that gave birth to American rock and roll, revisiting your favorite tunes from classic country, rhythm and blues, boogie-woogie, gospel, doo-wop, and rockabilly. In addition to playing songs from the past, this program showcases contemporary artists that are reviving American roots and offering a new take on traditional sounds. Catch it from 7-8 pm every Tuesday.

Wild Sounds

Wild Sounds airs every Monday evening from 10-12 pm and features music by some of the best punk, hard rock, metal, and post-punk bands, as well as some amazing up-and-coming bands. The show is all about loud, heart-pounding, head-banging music to bring out your inner rebel.