Hello, my review this week won’t be as professional this week. As I have tried to write this review, my week has been rough. So, instead of writing a poorly written long review, I want to write something more relaxed. For an album like this, I think something more laid back will work well. It’s going to be much shorter compared to what I normally write. I hope this shorter review works.

There are some albums that feel like certain things. Music is a powerful way to evoke specific emotions in its listeners, compared to other mediums. In Lahai, we’re given strong emotions of better days. The album feels like a reflection of good times in a dream-like manner. This happens to be Sampha’s second studio album, after a 6-year hiatus. You can tell that throughout these years he’s changed. From the pandemic to becoming a father, life has changed for Sampha since his first studio release. Those moments of change are what the album seems to be about. One of those perfect summer albums released in the middle of autumn. A special album that doesn’t come around often.

One thing I have found myself coming back to and loving about each track is the sound. The sound of the album is a dreamy summer day and resembles one as well. The sound is how we get to the tone. All the songs come together with this feeling of freedom you can find on a summer’s day. What the album can provoke throughout the album is something I haven’t seen done anywhere else. I love the feelings invoked throughout its duration. Sampha understands how to let us feel free along with him. Through the beautiful sound of the album, we see it.

I don’t have any specific track I want to talk about. But I would like to talk about how the album flows. The flow of the album is easily my favorite from any album this year. The dream-like feeling found in every track transitions cleanly into each other. While they do all have a similar sound, I wouldn’t that’s to its detriment. I love the way it sounds on every track. It helps the entire fill like something greater. I’m not sure what it’s saying yet, but it feels so precise in what it wants to be.

While not the greatest album ever, this is a fun album. One that, even in small doses, I have found myself returning to every few days. An album with a fun relaxed sound to it. One of those records that’ll be in my rotation for the foreseeable future. This is one that you should listen to. If you want a feeling of freedom found in summer in autumn, this should be the perfect record for you. Find a place outside, find a friend or two, look at the sky, and let the music flow with you.

As my review comes to an end, I would like to thank you, Hermes. You were my album-listening buddy. Whenever I would put on music, you’d always want to listen along. For how introverted of a hedgehog, you were, you always loved to listen to music with me. This was one of the last albums you listened to along with me. I’m not sure how much you loved it, but you seemed to like it. Thank you for being my best friend over the last 2 ½ years. I hope you’re doing well over the rainbow bridge.

Rating: 8/10

Photo Credits From: Young