Curious what has been newly added into the music mix? You’ve come to the right place.

New Singles Added To Rotation

These are the songs that we couldn’t get out of our system this week, so we just had to share.

The Essex Green “Sloane Ranger” Hardly Electronic (Merge)
Hana Vu “Breakfast Square” How Many Times Have You Driven By? (Luminelle)
Johnny Marr “The Tracers” Call The Comet (New Voodoo)
LaPeer “Letters” ’90s Kids (Self Released)
Phantastic Ferniture “Gap Year” Gap Year [Single] (Polyvinyl)
The Rock A Teens “Turn and Smile” Sixth House (Merge)
Tracyanne & Danny “Alabama” Alabama [Single] (Merge)
Uni “Love’s Not All You Need” Uni (Chimera Music)
Young The Giant “Simplify” Simplify [Single] (Atlantic Records)

From the Vault

Sometimes it’s just time to add a classic into the mix. Here’s what stuck out to us this week.

Archers of Loaf “Harnessed In Slums” Vee Vee (Alias Records)

New Releases Added To Library

Every great track we hear can’t immediately go into the mix, but no need to fear. Tracks from these releases can always be requested.

The Essex Green Hardly Electronic (Merge)
Hana Vu How Many Times Have You Driven By? (Luminelle)
Johnny Marr Call The Comet (New Voodoo)
Lady Legs Holy Heatwave (Communicating Vessels Copy)
Uni Uni (Chimera Music)
The Rock A Teens Sixth House (Merge)
Uni Uni (Chimera Music)

From the Vault into the Library

Here are some classic albums that have found their way from our dusty CD crates and into the digital on-air system this week.

Archers of Loaf Vee Vee (Atlantic Records)
Archers Of Loaf White Trash Heroes (Atlantic Records)