Here at 90.7 The Capstone, we wanted to introduce our Sunday specialty DJs to their listeners.  We wanted to give the listeners a brief look into our DJs lives and into the inspiration of their shows!

Malikka Nation Gospel – 8-10 a.m.

A couple of hours of Gospel music helping you start Sunday mornings off on a soulful path.

Emilee Benos Off The Shelf –  Sundays 7-9 p.m.

Off The Shelf is a classic rock show that defines classic rock as any music recorded at least 20 years ago (1996, at this point). We play all subgenres of classic rock; We play everything from the Beatles to Nirvana to David Bowie to the Allman Brothers etc.

Jordan Cissell – Cosmic American Music Hour – Sundays 9-10 p.m.

Why bother with labels like country, rock, folk, and soul? According to the late Americana pioneer Gram Parsons, if it rocks, rolls, twangs, or grooves, it’s all Cosmic American Music. Host Jordan Cissell whips up a wild, interesting mix of genre-blurring tunes released anywhere from 1951 to last week, along with a bevy of facts and anecdotes that help connect the songs to each other and to you.

Arielle Rimoldi and Alysse Cool – Good Vibes – Sundays 10-11 p.m.

An hour of reggae music centered around feel good music and positive energy every Sunday night. The show features multiple styles and eras of reggae music ranging in artists from Bob Marley, Anthony B and Barrington Levy to more contemporary artists such as Rebelution, Sublime, and many more. Our goal for each show is to provide listeners with a large variety of reggae music, and leave them with good, good vibes.

Arielle Rimoldi – FünkenGrüven – Sunday 11-12 a.m.

One hour of jam based music aired every Sunday from 11-Midnight. FünkenGrüven contains multiple styles and eras of jam based music ranging from the Grateful Dead, the String Cheese Incident, and Umphreys McGee to other jam artists such as: Odesza, the Floozies, Emancipator and many many others. FünkenGrüven will contain occasional interviews with our listeners favorite jam band and local Tuscaloosa artists.  FünkenGrüven is hosted by Arielle Rimoldi. My goal for each show is to provide my listeners with the highest quality jam music that will have them fünken and grüven throughout the entirety of the show.