Author: Luke DiVasta

Pre-Heisman Ceremony Press Conference

New York City – The three finalists made their way to the stage for the press conference prior to the announcement of the winner. Henry, McCaffrey and Watson were all very well spoken, and showed lots of admiration for their fellow competitors. The three agreed across the board that if they had a vote in the process that those would be cast towards their two other peers. God was thanked by all, as well as family for their success. All very grateful to be attending the event. There seemed to be tension in the room, as all three seemed to be nervous for what was to come. When asked about how they were able to manage class and football Derrick Henry said “We have a great staff at the University of Alabama to help us with 0ur classes. Your time management is on you and you need to get your work done.” McCaffrey had a similar answer “Practice and class interfere a lot, so you can’t have a huge workload during the season. But when winter and spring roll around it’s a grind.” I had a quick opportunity to ask Derrick Henry which place in Tuscaloosa was his favorite to grab barbecue. “Archibald’s” he laughed “it’s not even close.” Henry is currently the favorite to win the award, but the voting could be a lot closer than people think. The...

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Staff’s Final Four Picks

By Joe Klingbeil  Well folks, it’s finally here—the 2015 College Football season. Within hours we will get to see Heisman contenders, big name coaches, and Top 10 teams square off in what is set to be another great season. Everyone here at WVUA FM is as about as excited as anyone about kickoff and perhaps almost too excited as some of our sports staff members have already predicted their 2015 College Football Playoff Final Four. Now, New Year’s Day is 119 days away, but we here at The Capstone couldn’t wait that long to deliver our coverage, so without...

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Toughest Places to Play in the SEC

Written by Johnny Congdon   The SEC, without a doubt the best conference in all the land. The best teams, players, oh and year, the best fans. College football is a religion in the south and every Saturday each school that plays in the Southeastern Conference get to host a football spectacle. There’s not too many fan bases that will wake up at the crack of dawn pitch their own tents and process to tailgate all day for a 60 minute football game. Just another Saturday in the SEC. The following list is my personal opinion of the Toughest...

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Where Did It Go Wrong for the Nationals?

Written By Ben Boynton Before this current MLB season began, many fans expected the Washington Nationals to dominate the National League and reach the World Series, potentially even winning the whole thing.  Vegas odds makers placed the team’s odds at around 7/1.  The team, fresh off a playoff appearance and sporting a loaded roster, looked poised to contend for a championship. Today, they no longer look like a team ready to win it all.  In fact, they barely resemble a team built for postseason baseball.  The team, with a 65-63 record, is now is listed at having 25/1 odds...

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Race for the AL Wildcard

Written by P.J Glasser   When baseball implemented the 2nd wild card slot for the American and National League who knew it would make the baseball season so much better. It used to be teams were just playing to win their division and then the team that had a really good year would also get in but there would be a couple teams who had a good year but always got left out. With this new wildcard spot it seems like year after year there are more and more teams fighting for that 2nd wildcard. Amazingly enough last year...

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