Author: Katarina Thompson

Tune in June 23, 2013 For an Interview With Local Artists Carey Fountain

Written by: Katarina Thompson When people think of rap music, it is pretty typical for mainstream artists such as Lil’ Wayne or Big Sean pop into mind. However, within the rap/hip-hop music genre there is a sub-genre titled “underground hip-hop”. The University of Alabama has its very own underground artist producing music in the studio of Gorgas library, and he goes by the name of Carey Fountain. Camille Corbett, host of Femme Fatale, will have the chance to sit down and interview Fountain on Sunday, June 23, from 4-5 p.m. Underground hip-hop is an umbrella term for hip-hop music...

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Top 30 Charts~ Week of June 11, 2013

RankArtistTrack 1Goo Goo DollsMagnetic 2Jason IsbellSoutheastern 3John FogertyWrote A Song For Everyone 4Vampire WeekendModern Vampires of the City 5Bruno MarsUnorthodox Jukebox 6Mumford & SonsBabel 7Eric ClaptonOld Sock 8NationalTrouble Will Find Me 9LumineersLumineers 10Party GriffinAmerican Kid 11Macklemore & Ryan LewisHeist 12PhoenixBankrupt! 13PinkTruth About Love 14Phillip PhillipsWorld From The Side of the Moon 15Bob SchneiderBurden of Proof 16David BowieNext Day 17Laura MarlingOnce I Was an Eagle 18Natalie MainesMother 19Tom JonesSpirit In The Room 20Aoife O'donovanFossils 21AltjAwesome Wave 22Fitz & The TantrumsMore Than Just a Dream 23Daft PunkDiscovery 24Barenaked LadiesGrinning Streak 25Maroon 5Overexposed 26Muse 2ND Law 27Atlas Genius When It Was Now...

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Man of Steel: A Symbol of Hope?

review by Harrison DeFalco When this reboot was announced a couple of years back, many fans were excited that big name Christopher Nolan was attached to the project with Watchmen director Zack Snyder at the helm. Particularly because many fans were still sorely bitter towards Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns back in 2006 for leaving a bad taste in their mouth. Namely due to not enough action, Superman vs Lex Luthor again, and Superman becoming a father as the main complaints. To digress, I found it to be a poignant Superman tale and a nice nod to the original Reeve...

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“This is the End”: A Great Way to Go

Review By: Marcus Flewellen   About fifteen minutes into “This is the End,” the best comedy of the year so far, the end begins. Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel (played by Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel, respectively) have just left a wild, star-studded housewarming party hosted by James Franco (also playing himself). Now they’re in a convenience store looking to buy a pack of cigarettes. Suddenly, a massive earthquake hits Los Angeles. Several beams of blue light descend from above and hit all the other customers in the store, lifting them into heaven. The only people left in the...

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The Internship: Based on the Commercials By Google

Review by: Harrison DeFalco Apparently there is this new trend going on in Hollywood right now. It involves turning memes, apps, and now search engines into feature length entertainment. I don’t know about any of the students currently roaming the UA campus this summer but I for one find myself thinking, “How can such things add up to become worthwhile cinema?” Well “The Internship” showed me how as it pushed all the answers and potential to the side for a couple of pop-culture references sprinkled on top of a story I could have found prepackaged by the Pillsbury Doughboy at...

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