Author: Grant White

Weezer’s Newest and Coolest Album, Pacific Daydream

By: Grant White Weezer fans, myself included, were no doubt anticipating the band’s newest album, Pacific Daydream, which released on October 27 this year. Weezer’s previous two albums, Everything Will Be Alright In The End (EWBAITE) and the fan-dubbed White Album, were met with incredible success and positivity among fans, even being compared to the beloved Blue Album that launched Weezer’s career.   With Pacific Daydream, Weezer moves to a more relaxing vibe than that of its last two albums, diverging once again from the alt rock roots established in the band’s first album. Being directly influenced by the...

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Queens of Stone Age Newest Album, Villains

By: Grant White It is inevitable that after years of garnering hit songs in the mainstream spotlight, a time comes when a successful band will eventually fizzle out by failing to put out songs that can keep up with its previous hits. Since Villains is the new 7th studio album of the 20+ year old band Queens of the Stone Age, it would be safe to assume that songs on this album couldn’t possibly live up to the band’s greats like “No One Knows” or “3’s & 7’s”, right?   WRONG!! Queens of the Stone Age is back in...

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