Author: Evan Reier

Review of Wavves’ album “V”

Exactly describing Wavves’ sound is kind of hard. On the surface, the basics are apparent: throw in some punk, some tradition rock, maybe a little pop and wrap the whole package with a heavy West Coast vibe. But all that still doesn’t do their honed-in sound justice. Wavves doesn’t perfectly fit in anywhere, but the one thing you completely understand from their music, especially the latest album V, is that they are aware of the music they wanna make and they make it well. Wavves has put out seven releases, and it’s fair to say that as the band has made...

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Review of Lana Del Rey’s Album, Honeymoon

Lana Del Rey reaches deep within her being and talent for Honeymoon, her third studio album. Del Rey is somber, slow and nostalgic on this record, which sees a mix of new and old direction for the New York-born, California-influenced singer. Del Rey’s recent releases feature the nostalgic references to culture of the 50s and 60s that we see on Honeymoon, but this record’s slow, barebones puts the sounds of old and Del Rey’s voice to the forefront. From the opening track “Honeymoon” to the concluding track “Swan Song”, the album maintains a consistent sound and tone. Del Rey...

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Review of The Fratellis’ Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied

The Fratellis are an honest band who make honest music. The lyrics are direct and real, and their established sound has always been founded upon old-fashioned rock and roll with room to create and carve out distinction from that point. Very few bands can reach the success of The Fratellis with that particular sound, especially in the current indie scene. New technology and changing trends have erased the classic sound of rock from the forefront, but the Fratellis have remained relevant and their releases are always met with excitement. Their latest release, Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied, is no different. It provides...

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Review of Frank Turner’s Positive Songs for Negative People

Having never listened to Frank Turner’s music, I went into Positive Songs for Negative People without a clue of what I was getting into. I noticed he was a punk rocker turned folk singer, but that small piece of information still wasn’t enough to prepare me for the album. What I found was… a lot of different things. Songs in various tones, speeds and not a whole lot of coherence. The transitions from song to song were smooth enough, but I never realized that his previous work would have an impact on his actual music. For example, the opening song, “The...

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Review of Mac Demarco’s Album, Another One

Mac Demarco Delivers and Depresses Mac Demarco has been one of the marquee indie darlings for quite a while now. Each of his releases have received critical success as well as help established a dedicated and loyal fanbase. However, his last release was Salad Days, which was released on April 1, 2014, over a year ago. It seemed like the timing for his new joint Another One would be perfect, and would continue his trend of putting out music in a quick and efficient manner. The hype for the Another One LP was growing as the summer pressed on, with the single releases of...

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