Author: Seth Stevens

Car Seat Headrest Revamped ‘Twin Fantasy’

By: Seth Stevens The best part of Car Seat Headrest’s new (old) album, Twin Fantasy is that it manages to convert the mundane into the grandiose, and the grandiose into the mundane. This is most apparent on the 13-minute behemoth of a track “Beach Life-in-Death,” where the subject matter oscillates between trips to the grocery store, to (almost) coming out to his friends on Skype, to questions about unrequited love. And with the help of energetic guitar work, and Will Toledo’s masterful songwriting, not a single second of the 13 minutes is boring. This album is a reworking of his...

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The Magical, Angel Olson’s newest album, “Phases”

By: Seth Stevens There is a certain magic in the ability to expand and withdraw at the same time. It is to be the ocean, vast and infinite, and still move back from the shore. A successful life is to manage this contradiction, to be powerful and vulnerable, to trust yourself and to trust beyond yourself, to open and close simultaneously. Angel Olsen’s new LP of B-sides, demos, and covers maintains this quality. The very nature of Phases makes it erratic, a collection of songs from a collection of years, bridging the gap between 2014’s Burn Your Fire for...

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Julie Byrne’s, “Not Even Happiness”, Deserves Your Attention

By: Seth Stevens “I was made for the green, made to be alone.” When Julie Byrne sings these words on the opening track of Not Even Happiness, you believe her. It takes no convincing. Her voice stands alone between the finger picking of her guitar, a buoy for her melancholy. Byrne’s second record is one steady, self-assured moment of that melancholy caught in 32 short minutes, and all of it deserves your attention. I say ‘deserves’ instead of ‘demands’ — Byrne does not demand anything. She’s grappled with her demons (sometimes she won, sometimes they did); now she stands,...

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