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NASA Day of Remembrance coverage on Houndstooth & Hardhats

This week’s show is dedicated to remembering the lives of the 17 astronauts who died on the Apollo 1, Challenger and Columbia missions, which all occurred this week over the span of several years – 1967, 1983 and 2003, respectively. It’s the anniversary of all three accidents this week. The broadcast will feature interviews with Mark Mayfield, the associate director of the Office of Student Media at the University, who witnessed the Challenger explosion, and former NASA astronaut Walter Cunningham. Houndstooth and Hardhats airs from 3 – 5 p.m. every Friday on 90.7 The Capstone. Read the full story...

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Expansion: How UA and Tuscaloosa Have Grown, and What the Future May Bring

By Evan Reier Staff Reporter Over the past 183 years, Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama have done a lot of growing together. In fact, Tuscaloosa and the university has expanded more in the past 5-10 years than any decade before. The Presidential Village is the perfect example. One of the newest buildings on campus, it was constructed students who achieved the Presidential Scholarship and other honor students in mind. Off campus, the construction has been at an even greater pace. The Lofts, The Retreat at Lake Tamaha, The Woodlands among others have all sprung up in the...

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Dorm Power Rankings: Where Does Your Dorm Rank?

By: Johnny Congdon Staff Reporter You know that old saying that your grandma says every time you come over for Thanksgiving dinner,”home is where the heart is?. Well the results of a Capstone News Now UA Student Survey seem to bear the phrase out as many freshmen have moved into a on campus residence hall. If you haven’t noticed yet, UA is a rather large campus and has about 36,000 undergraduates. To house all of these students, the University has 14 on campus housing and residential communities. Last week, I went to the Ferguson Center and polled 50...

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Raising Cane is not Abel

As a former Crimson White Opinions columnist, and quite frankly a young college student, I understand how easy it can be to complain and pick apart things that are perceived as being “wrong”. Every year we are bombarded with opinions about what is “wrong” with this campus in many different facets. As valid as much of this is, I want to first acknowledge how great the University of Alabama can be, and how grateful I am to be here. It’s so easy to have a half-glass-empty mentality when it shouldn’t be. Although I hate to be that guy that writes a letter to the editor to just complain about something, I feel this is justifiable. The new Ferguson Center is beautiful, along with the new buildings that now have more dining options. I was blown away by the spaciousness of it, and how much better architecturally it is now than before. With these new additions, the idea was that there would be more dining options for a student population that is substantially growing each year. In this case, more means more variety in choices. Bama dining has expanded and now has more locations…but they’re all the same. Instead of more variety, which could have been housed in a larger complex, the new additions are strictly fast food venues. Yes, we now have a Wendy’s and a Raising Cane’s, while...

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Fall 2014 Staff Wanted

Do you have a face for radio? Is it time you started your radio career? Audition to become a playlist DJ at 90.7 the Capstone! Who: Anyone enrolled as a student at the University of Alabama is welcome to try out. Not major specific! No experience required! You just need to be interested in learning about the radio and feel comfortable speaking on-air. What: A playlist DJ is a DJ in training. Playlist DJs come in for one hour a week and monitor the music schedule. They play the station’s format and talk on-air every 3 to 4 songs. Why: Because...

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