Author: Aaliyah Myhand

Take a Look at Why this Staff Writer Thinks Everyone Should Watch the 2009 Comedy, I Love You, Man

By Aaliyah Myhand In the offbeat Hollywood “bromantic” comedy, I Love You, Man a thirty-something real estate agent is finally engaged to the woman of his dreams, Zooey (played by Rashida Jones), yet finds himself in a pickle. As his upcoming wedding date looms around the corner, he must face the fact the he does not have any male friends, which inadvertently means that he will not have a best man. Thus, he must go on the search for someone to step up to the plate and show that he is not the social outcast that his family and...

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Movie Review: #realityhigh

If you are looking for a classical parallel to everyone’s favorite teen classics such as Pretty in Pink or Can’t Buy Me Love, then you have definitely come to the right place. In this contemporary take on high school’s trivial drama of “who’s dating who” and “what fashion trends are so in this season”, the story of an outcast, her dream guy, and a popular socialite is told. So, if you feel a throbbing desire to watch a “girl like boy, boy has an evil, superficial girlfriend that everyone hates but also somehow loves at the same time” then definitely add this to your Netflix queue.   Like most teen movies in the past and present, this...

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