Artist Profile: New Devils

Songs crafted out of burden.
Born into blues, forced into Gospel, Freed by Rock-N-Roll.

So there i was, clanking strings and shouting truths in the woods. Meanwhile Joey gigged and re-gigged. He would sit in anytime he was invited to try and break the spirits of his sticks, rim’s, head’s, and cymbals. Jay worked tirelessly with several acts directing and sharpening for the road. These separate events were building a foundation for what would become New Devils. Joey and i had been working on these songs off and on for a while when Joey met Jay and invited him to a practice. By the end of that practice, i think we were all excited and knew we had found something that worked. Ever since then, we’ve been working hard to craft New Devils Music!

Genre(s): Soul-Powered Rock-N-Roll with a Twang

Influences: Bright Eyes, Silverchair, Lauryn Hill


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