Author: Taylor Esche

Alabama’s own St. Paul & The Broken Bones impress with sophomore effort “Sea of Noise”

With their sophomore album, Sea of Noise, St. Paul & The Broken Bones continue to impress. The boys from Birmingham quite literally took me to church with their opening track, “Crumbling Light Posts, Pt. 1”. Featuring Jason Clark & The Tennessee Mass Choir, Janeway croons “we’re just crumbling light posts, in a sea of noise” as the choir surges in a wave of overwhelming harmonies. “Crumbling Light Posts” reprises in the middle of the album, and again at the very end, completing the full circle of gospel that is Sea of Noise.  And yet with such heavy gospel undertones,...

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Review of The Red Hot Chile Peppers’ Album, The Getaway

The Red Hot Chile Peppers are back with their eleventh studio album The Getaway. Their first album produced without Rick Rubin since Mothers’ Milk (1989), the record is void of the quintessential funk-punk flair that earned the Chile Peppers notoriety (and subjected them to parody). Instead Brian “Danger Mouse” Burton produced and co-wrote five of its’ tracks, with longtime Radiohead collaborator Nigel Godrich handling the mixing. And yet with two music power houses engineering the Chile Peppers musical reinvention, the project seems to fall short. The first single, the ever-present “Dark Necessities,” is the perfect example of the inadequate nature...

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